The Big Blind (Nadia Wolf Novel #1)

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Oh but I love this guy!!! He's hilarious! I can't wait for the second book.

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I wanna know where Frankie "shipped" Nadia for another poker tournament Jul 05, Sheila Fiske rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. I was up till 3am because I needed to finish this book. I enjoyed everything about this book. The characters are all well described. The story was extremely interesting, I could no put it down. I finished and just started the next novel High Stakes.

It is starting out just as great as this one. This author, Nicolette Pierce rocks. Apr 15, thao vi rated it it was amazing.

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This series is a great find. Do yourself a favour and read her book!! Nov 01, Gayle rated it it was ok. I guess I'm getting old, when I begin to read a mystery I want it to focus on the mystery.. If there is sex it should help to develop the story line and not take over the story.. That is how I felt about this book.. If I want a romance I'll pick one.. I was disappointed in the ending I like I guess I'm getting old, when I begin to read a mystery I want it to focus on the mystery.. I like mysteries that challenge me to 'figure out' the plotline but I'm not sure if I'll buy the next one to find out if the inept bad guy gets his due..

Apr 17, Jennifer Rupp rated it it was amazing. I want to be Nadia Wolf when I grow up. She takes calculated risks at the card table, but never with her heart. Will it be Greyson or Caleb? When she finds herself swept up in unsavory casino business, she keeps her head and her sense of humor no matter how dire the circumstances. I spent 8 hours alternating between laughter and biting my nails!

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Five stars for No Limit audio version. Wendy Darling was a great narrator. Three chapters in and I quit. I was drawn to this because I enjoy poker, but don't make that same mistake. This is chick lit romance, heart palpitating excuses with poker as the vehicle. Jul 08, ebsTx rated it it was amazing. Awesome female lead Maria may be a girl, but she can hold her own in the world of poker.

Between poker tournaments she works another job in a celebrity impersonations wedding chapel. There is plenty of Vegas crazy in this book! The suspense is strung tight as she helps unravel a counterfeiting ring. Apr 17, Diane Burton rated it it was amazing. A fun romp through the world of professional poker. If Nadia Wolf could do something the wrong way, she will.

Her hilarious situations reminds me of Stephanie Plum. The men are hot or sleazy, and her friend Mya is such a bubble-headed sweetie. Off to read Book 2. Jan 13, Arlene rated it it was amazing. Great book Very interesting learning all about betting, professional poker players, the casinos, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Very entertaining and very exciting. I was disappointed to discover it was a cliff hangar. Otherwise I loved it.

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Dec 22, Deborah rated it really liked it. Sep 14, Kirsten rated it it was amazing. Loved this book! Fun characters and a great storyline! Look forward to reading the rest of the series! Aug 15, Beth Pritchard rated it it was amazing. Fun This book was fast paced and very enjoyable. It was great summer reading. I like it when humor is thrown in to the story. Very entertaining. Jun 22, Elene Lee rated it really liked it.

Jun 12, ChattyChik21 rated it it was amazing. So freaking great Every character is so fully developed.

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The book was funny and sexy and zany and just wonderful I need the whole series stat. Apr 16, Jean rated it really liked it.

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Twists Interesting characters and good story. Quick read and fun trying to figure out how the crime was committed. Includes some interesting twists. Feb 17, sharon sobzak rated it liked it. Entertaining A book full of a variety of situations Some hilarious, some terrifying and some just plain dumb. Nadia is great character. Jul 09, Michelle L. A Good Read A nice quick-paced action sequence with romantic sections appropriately intertwined. A fun read. Ready to check out book 2 in the series. Clever dialogue Feisty heroine is refreshing, nice to read about an intelligent woman with a sense of humor in improbable but fun plot.

Jun 12, Steph rated it it was amazing. I can't decide who I want plain, snarly professional poker player Nadia to be with. The winning poker player Caleb has that elusive "something" and can raise her hackles with a look, while the sexy casino owner Grayson is sweet, protective and honest with her, at the same time making her shake with lust.

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Nadia and Grayson are trying to hunt down a counterfeit money printing scheme in Grayson's casino, and Nadia seems to get herself in more trouble than usual. She moonlights at a wedding chapel where her new "manager" Frankie marries drunk couples and generally makes her do strange and ridiculous things she doesn't want to do by baiting her with money. Nadia also befriends Grayson's sweet but slightly ditzy sister in law who's tight clothes cuts off Nadia's circulation just looking at them.

Nadia is an excellent new heroine that fans of romantic suspense will root for and laugh at. And with. I can't wait to read the second in the series, High Stakes. Jun 13, Christy rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed this book so much that I immediately bought the 2nd book to the series and now impatiently waiting on the 3rd book. I found this series to be so funny that I found myself several times laughing out loud. This book starts with Nadia who is a professional poker player in Las Vegas. At first I was kind of worried about this book because poker is not my thing but once I started reading this book I could not stop.