Sonia Sotomayor: A Judge Grows in the Bronx/La juez que creció en el Bronx (Spanish Edition)

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Visit Our Stores. Sonia Sotomayor a judge grows in the bronx la juez que crecio en el Bronx by Jonah Winter. Justice Sotomayor didn't have a lot growing up, but she had what she needed -- her mother's love, a will to learn, and her own determination. With bravery she became the person she wanted to be. With hard work she succeeded. La magistrada Sotomayor no tuvo mucho durante sus primeros aand ;os, pero sand ; tuvo lo que contaba -- el amor de su madre, la voluntad de aprender y su propia determinaciand ;n.

Con valentand ;a se hizo la persona que querand ;a ser. Con trabajo arduo triunfand ;. Con un poquito de sol en un solarcito donde crecer, la magistrada Sotomayor floreciand ; para que todo el mundo la vea. A biography of U. Supreme Court judge, Sonia Sotomayor. In this picture book bursting with vibrance and rhythm,and ;a girl dreams ofand ;playing the drumsand ;in s Cuba, when the music-filled island had a taboo against female drummers.

The style is informal because it explains to the children what everything means and the genres are History, Children's, and drama. Oct 14, Onesia Thompkins rated it it was amazing Shelves: multicultual-text-set. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Sonia Sotomayor: A Judge grows in the Bronx is a great read! It is a nonfiction written as a story filled with illustrations rather than real pictures.

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It tells the story of Sonia Sotomayor as a little girl to becoming the first Hispanic supreme court justice and talks about everything she experiences. It is great because it talks about her struggles because of her environment and social status as a child and her issues with having diabetes at 8 years old. It talks about her family dynamic and how her mom was an influential role model because she provided for them alone while also studying to be a nurse. It also talks about her curiosity in becoming a judge. I like that Jonah Winter highlights how she originally wanted to be like Nancy Drew so it's not the cut and dry depict that she always knew what she wanted to become.

It also depicts her doing well in school to go to Princeton University but feeling very out of place there and talked about how she was able to adapt and prosper there. It also tells of the process of how she became a supreme court justice. It is written in a language that is easy to understand for students yet it is still able to demonstrate the necessary key take away points.

Sep 17, Dora rated it it was amazing Shelves: americas-award , character-traits , multicultural , picture-books. The plot focuses on the struggle of a Latina growing up and succeeding through college and the US courts.

Sonia Sotomayor- A Judge Grows in the Bronx

It also brings up the topic of prejudice and feelings of inferiority, topics that may ring true for many Latinos, especially those that attend college. This book can also be easily paired with informational text about the role of Sonia in the Supreme Court today. View all 5 comments.

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Jan 12, Mary Ann rated it really liked it Shelves: 2nd , women-s-history , parents-press , latino-culture , picture-books , 1st , 3rd , biography , nonfiction. This biography of Sotomayor, the first Latina Supreme Court justice, features both English and Spanish text on every page. Apr 07, AnnieM rated it it was amazing. Written in English and Spanish. Tells her life story extremely well with the limited amount of space. Her' s is a story that the American dream,not the lame white, affluent, male that can overcome "adversity" but growing up poor,proving you can do a good job a be rewarded for it.

Jan 29, Camila Portocarrero rated it it was amazing Shelves: wow-books. The first time I read this book was in my mom's 5th grade class, but I am certain that this book could be read to lower grades from 2nd-5th. This book is written in both English and Spanish which I love because I have never seen many great books written in two languages at schools. This book allows the students to build empathy towards people who might be new to their nation or who might not know anything about their culture and help them to adapt to their new lives in a different country.

I plan to implement this book in my future classroom as a read-aloud.

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The illustrations are so vibrant, big, and explicit for the students to see. I think this is would be a great choice since it will keep the students engage and I believe all of them will be able to relate back to this book. Another great way to implement this book in my classroom would be by using it to build a lesson around empathy and acceptance. I think it is important for every teacher to touch base with their students on the topic of immigration.

Students will most likely be in a classroom with students who have come from other countries, and if they are not, they will eventually meet someone during their lives. Therefore, it is important to talk to students about immigration and the life of an immigrant so that they begin to have more knowledge about the topic. This is a WOW book for me because it touches on topics that are very dear to my heart and close to who I am in a unique and child-friendly way. Perseverance is one of the main topics of this book and I think it is important to not only talk about it in class but to show it as well.

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Through the eyes of Sonia Sotomayor, we are able to experience and feel the strength she had to keep going regardless of the circumstances around you which are so encouraging to anyone who reads this book. Jul 14, Jill rated it really liked it. Each double-page spread of this book has text both in English and in Spanish. The book tells the story of our first Latin-American Supreme Court justice from the time she was a little girl. When young, Sonia loved Nancy Drew mysteries, but because she got diabetes when she was eight, she fi Each double-page spread of this book has text both in English and in Spanish.

There she graduated with the highest honors of her class. Oddly, the author then skips the fact that Sonia went on to law school. She received her J. Instead, the story takes us immediately from Princeton to her career as a judge.

ISBN 13: 9781442403031

The author reports that Sonia was a special judge because of her first-hand understanding of poverty and prejudice. Fethullah Gulen","type":"The Light","tags":["","M. You may also like: Hezreti Muhammet Este credo era doble, la Unidad de Allah y Su inmaterialidad ; lo primero dice lo que Allah es; y lo segundo lo que no es. Sample Product. Continue Shopping. Proceed to Checkout. Add to cart View. Images of flowers blooming unify the text and the illustrations. Rodriguezs warm yellows and oranges also underscore the optimism of Winters text. Moreover, the variety of media used pastel, acrylic, spray paint, and oil-based paints perfectly echoes the rich textures of Sotomayors life.

The Spanish translation is excellent and makes the book accessible to Latino families. Sotomayors story can inspire children of all ethnic, racial, and economic backgrounds to work hard and pursue educational and professional success.

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