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A general anthem that may be especially useful for Lent and discipleship. A narrator reads the text and the choir reflects on the story.

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The congregation is encouraged to sing the easily learned chorus. Designed to be a worship experience. The demo is must too fast and pointed. It should be in a relaxed folk, almost spiritual style. Break down the divisions and the sorrow they can bring. Overturn the tables of our selfishness and greed.

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Break our hearts to minister to those in need. You will never leave His care. He is with you everywhere. With lots of "noise" on piano, congas and flute. This will work with any choir with at least three people! So I went to the words of Jesus as recorded in Matthew. A very sincere song of confession and restoration which uses the parable of the prodigal son with optional scripture reading and sheet for congregation.

It fit so naturally, I wondered if the pop song was based on the hymn. I have no knowledge that it was. I thought there needed to be a song to help them say it. The phrase comes from the scripture when David is dancing before the Lord. This is spiritual styled call and response. I usually use it without percussion, but it really cooks either way. It speaks of hymns, psalms and spiritual songs. Bless all the people who were at Shawnee in this era for helping me share my music. The chorus is immediately learned by a congregation. The anthem introduces two sections and then combines them in a cool polyphonic ending.

Very warm and comforting. The idea came to me as I was walking on the beach near an old lighthouse. It calls the church to be the light of the world. The additional text celebrates the giving of ones life to worship leadership. It has been used in music conferences and would be good for music week or musician appreciation. The demo is true to my marking, but I ended up taking it faster with my choir. After looking, I gave up and wrote a solo song which became a choir arrangement. It talks about some of the miracles of Jesus then focuses on the ultimate miracle of grace.

It is very reflective with a very powerful "B section". By the way, pianists really like this one. Some have said this is one of my best pieces. Good for service themes of children, senior adults, teacher appreciation and recruitment.

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And they taught me a song, and when I sang along, I knew Jesus loves me. A simple song of faith, It taught I could pray to the one who was strong. This was my song for life. It inspired the musical of the same name that was the 1 bestseller of all traditional cantatas. More canata info is at the top of this page.

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I really enjoyed setting this beautiful hymn text. It has a smooth, dramatic flow for the most part with a big climax on the text, "Revive us, Lord The piano part is very artful and seeks to give a feeling of breath and flow. People have really responded to this one in reading sessions. The optional cello, bass, and acoustic guitar accompaniment complement the infectious melody to give this standout anthem a unique character. Great for holy week services. This could be done very effectively with guitar and flute accompaniment. Inspired a full cantata which continues to sell well.

The piece calls us to build bridges and tear down walls so we may sing one song united. It use a light gospel style to carry the text, "One step he leads and one step I'll follow. Listen to the cool echo in the second verse. Orchestration and accomp. CD is available. A part is available for violin or C instrument.

This is a dramatic piece that intersperses the chorus and scripture readings from the passion of Christ. Written as general worship anthem, it is also appropriate for communion. Resurrection Joy tells the Easter story in a soft jazz, light pop style - great for blended worship. The excitement of Christ's resurrection will last beyond Sunday as both choir and congregation remember the joy and the tune for a long time to come.

Rise Up! Get Ready! I wanted to try my hand at the style and thought the shepherds would provide the perfect subject. Cajun music has an earthy quality and the shepherds were certainly strong, earthy kind of men. This is a boisterous song of celebration that has parts for optional accordian and rhythm section. Mark Edwards did the arrangement. With the feel of a worship chorus, the three melodies combine for an inspiring bit of counterpoint. The piece was commissioned for Kathie Wilkinson, a music minister friend of mine.

She is a hard worker and has a wonderful ministry. As I have done several events at her church, I noticed that they have a lot of doors.

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Though someone is responsible for them, we all have to inevitably have to "lock up sometimes". We also move chairs, set up tables, gather books and clean choir robes. Many times, it is much like tending to a house.

This caused me to remember the Psalm text. We offer our time to Kingdom work though there are many things we could give our lives to. This is an expression of worship as we offer ourselves to the Lord and His Church's ministry. It finishes with a powerful message of peace.

It always seems abrupt when we suddenly stop singing Christmas music. Since the Sundays after Christmas are not our choir's high attendance times, I wrote this rather simply. This anthem could also be included in a program which tells the Christmas story. The piece has a driving ethnic feel, reminiscent of Celtic music that is so popular today.

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Building in intensity, the piece erupts into boisterous praise. The recording includes accompaniment of guitar, accordion, violin and bodhran Irish drum.

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Instrumental parts are available. Click title to for text and recording. Accompaniment CD, part dominant practice CD and orchestration available. It is written from the point of view of those who have gone on to heaven. I was inspired to write this as I was going on a long bike ride. This piece is a Christmas tradition in many churches. This has a part-dominant rehearsal CD, plus orchestration and accompaniment CD. Very moving. They pray revealing all the burdens of our souls. Great piece to celebrate and encourage church unity.

With optional rhythm section. Come to the table of grace.