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None of them could swim, and none was wearing a life jacket.

Alcohol was the main cause of the accident. Basics n 24 n Basics Fashionable Life Jackets Manufacturers have come a long way in their quest to build a more comfortable, better-looking life jacket. Some are now being made with specific activities in mind, such as waterskiing or kayaking. They come in all sorts of colors and patterns and are lighter and more comfortable than the old vests. Some are even made for anglers, with numerous pockets for tackle and lures. Unfortunately, they can also be the cause of injury, or even death.

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Mountain streams are almost always fast-flowing waterways, more so after a rainfall. Water levels rise quickly and can turn a burbling stream into an impassable torrent. Always remember that waterworn rocks are smooth and slippery, often overgrown with a fine layer of moss or algae. Here are a few tips that will help keep you out of trouble when crossing a waterway: n Always test your footing before attempting to cross. If you can, use a rope to loop members of the party together and cross one at a time. Many mountain streams and creeks are icy cold, even during the summer months, and hypothermia can set in.

If you get caught in a storm, get off the high ground. If you are on a ridge or a bald, try to move off the trail and down into the woods; the lower you can go the better. If you are caught in open country, keep moving. Static electricity can build in your body. Never shelter under a large tree or in a metal-roofed trail shelter. Check with your pharmacist to ensure the proper SPF sun protection factor for your type of skin. Basics Forest fires are a big problem here. Every year, thousands of acres of woodland are lost to fires. Some are the result of arson, some of lightning strikes, but most are caused by careless humans.

A campfire left smoldering or a carelessly tossed match or cigarette can do an untold amount of damage.

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Make sure fires are dead. Dowse them with water and then cover them with dirt. Adventures n Camping Camping is very much a part of the Great Smoky Mountain experience, and a number of options are available. Generally, commercial campgrounds are clean, tidy and well cared for.

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  • Security in smaller campgrounds often leaves a lot to be desired, but is taken much more seriously at larger establishments, where gates are manned 24 hours a day and on-site personnel patrol the grounds. Most of the larger campgrounds are self-sufficient, offering all sorts of amenities, from laundromats to full-service shops, to marinas and restaurants. Some do not allow tents, catering only to campers with RVs or trailers.

    Many have rental units available: RVs, trailers, cabins, etc. Many more rent bicycles, boats, paddleboats, and canoes. Larger campgrounds will have staff on hand to look after your needs around the clock; smaller ones might have staff available only for checking in during the daylight hours. Adventures First, there are the commercial campgrounds. These vary in size and quality of service and amenities. Then there are the45 state and national park campgrounds. While these might not offer all the bells and whistles available in the large commercial operations, some offer facilities and recreational opportunities that rival those offered by their privately owned competitors.

    Facilities are rarely as extensive as in state park units, and some are downright basic — no hookups, hand-pumped water, and so on. Most of the campgrounds are fairly small, but they are well kept, clean, and tend to be far away from the busy highways and noisy commercial attractions. Be sure to take all you need with you; service outlets can be many miles away. Their campgrounds offer all you would get at a privately operated facility, plus group, youth and primitive camping, hiking trails, lakes, fishing, and boating.

    Although many state parks are close to major cites, camping at one of them is almost always a wilderness experience, deep in the forest and far from civilization. Camping fees vary from park to park, from state to state, and with the extent of facilities. As always, fees are subject to change without notice. Group camping and youth camping is offered at most state parks in all three states. These designated areas are reserved for youth organizations, groups of families, or gatherings of friends. Facilities in group camping areas vary throughout the park system, from full-service group cabins to basic sites.

    Primitive camping is available at most of the Smoky Mountain national and state parks. Overnight backpacking and canoeing into these areas is only for the physically fit, experienced and selfsufficient outdoor enthusiast. Cabins are for the camper who likes a roof overhead.

    Many state parks offer a variety of rustic cottages and cabins that sleep from four to six persons. These are given in the individual park listings. Some of the cabins feature the rustic appeal of the original Civilian Conservation Corps construction, while other contemporary cabins have modern amenities. Usually, they provide all the comforts of home, including private baths and kitchens.

    Typically, the cabins sleep six people. Adventures Full-service facilities offer water and electric hookups on individual campsites for tent, trailer and RV campers. Restrooms and hot showers are accessible to all registered campers in these areas.

    There is usually a dump station, too. Reservations for cabins are usually accepted up to one year in advance and a deposit equal to a two-night stay is required for confirmation of the booking. Calls for reservations should be made between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Like camping fees, charges for renting a cabin vary from park to park according to season and the type of facilities offered, and are subject to change.

    Personal checks, Visa and MasterCard are accepted. State parks have interpretive get-togethers, nature programs, organized walks and hikes, lectures and more. Reaching some of the more primitive locations does, however, require lengthy and often strenuous hikes.

    Campers going primitive should be sure they are in the best physical condition. Be sure to book far enough in advance to ensure your stay at the campground of choice.

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    Camping n 31 The high season for camping begins when the first blooms of spring appear and ends when the last leaf has fallen in early November, although die-hard campers can still be found roughing it when the snow is two feet deep in the forests. The most popular campgrounds stay heavily booked throughout spring, summer and fall. Choice sites at the state parks, allocated either by reservation or on a first-come, first-served basis, will almost always be occupied. National Forests: Rates vary. Generally, the lower the fee, the fewer the facilities.

    Most national forest campgrounds do not have warm water showers; some do not have piped water, in which case you must use a hand pump; most do have flush toilets, but some have only chemical toilets. Credit cards are accepted at most commercial and some state park campgrounds. State Parks: Maximum of two weeks. National Parks: 14 days in any day period. PETS Pets may not be allowed in the camping areas at some state parks, but are welcome in national park campgrounds provided they are quiet and kept on a leash.

    Pets are welcome at some commercial campgrounds. Check individual listings.

    It is unlawful in all three states to leave pets in your vehicle, locked or not. This is especially true at state parks, which are generally gated and locked at night. Many commercial campgrounds are not gated, but do have on-site staff working security around the clock. Some were carved out of solid rock by mighty underground rivers; some are the result of Earth movement. All are millions of years old. None is alike. Fall Color n 33 Most commercial caves are garish, unnatural places where the ancient formations have been transformed into glitzy fairylands of colored lights and mystical music.

    They are places where officiallooking, but privately employed, traffic marshals wave the unwary off the main road, into a parking lot, and from there into a gift shop and the entrance to a hole in the mountain and an underground world that should exist only in the world of science fiction. For sure, they will not let you loose on your own. Commercial cave owners are very nervous about people getting injured on their property.

    Each system is described in detail in its appropriate chapter within this book. They come to view the spectacular colors of fall that bring a new enchantment to the mountains. The woodland trails are a riot of gold, amber, yellow, copper and red; the Blue Ridge Parkway turns into a ribbon of color, while the reflections on the surface of the still mountain Adventures A few commercial cave systems, however, have been left very much in their natural state and are worth seeing. The fantastic formations have been illuminated, but only to the point where they are visible.